Direct Postal Mail Services

Using mail is a very effective method to get your marketing collateral in the hands of your current and prospective clients. It could be a letter, brochure, flyer or something larger. Make it engaging and add a name for that personal touch.

Sending a physical letter or item will help you stand out in a very busy world. People will often sort through their mail, and if it does not look like a bill, you are more likely to have your mail opened.

Direct Mail Services

Addressing and Australia Post Barcoding

Intelligent Mailing

Mechanical Letter Folding and Inserting

Affixing Self Adhesive Labels

Database De-Duplication

Promotional Pick and Pack and Collating

Plastic Wrapping

Mail Merge and Variable Printing

Discount Bulk Postage Rates


Some interesting facts

  • Australia’s postal service was started by a former convict
  • Over 80% of the Australian population read addressed and unaddressed mail every week (Roy Morgan Research, 2015)
  • The Melbourne General Post Office (GPO) opened to the public in 1867
  • Marketing Research indicates that 76% of internet users trust the ads that arrive via their letterbox

Direct Mail is still a great way of staying in touch with your contacts, or reaching out to new prospects. It could be considered the secret marketing medium which is under utilised as part of an overall Marketing Campaign. Millennials are one demographic who are not used to receiving postal mail, and react well to the right content delivered in this medium.

It may be perceived as more expensive to do marketing via direct mail, but the return on investment (ROI) makes it a very worthwhile marketing medium to consider.

Pricing Structure

Pricing is dependent on numerous factors including letter size, weight, and volume being sent.

We work directly with a mail house who is an Australia Post Bulk Mail Partner, this means we can supply discounted postage rates and can complete your mail out including the step of having it received in the post.

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    Direct Mail Tips

    Direct Mail still has an important role even though technology has changed marketing in recent years. Enhancing your campaign by complementing it with the use of web technology can help you target your market.

    Here are a few do’s and don’ts that we suggest you follow.

    • Address it to the right person
    • Have a great Call to Action
    • Focus on a Target Audience
    • Appeal to Emotions
    • Consider Your Marketing Budget
    • Don’t forget to send Follow-up Mail
    • Don’t forget to review before sending
    • Don’t Sell Products, Sell Solutions to Problems
    • Don’t just send to Everyone